EC Financial- Richfield, OH - BEWARE

I was contacted by Mark Shafer with EC Financial (4836 Brecksville Rd., Ste. 204, Richfield, OH 44286) to do a refinance loan application on March 28, 2017. I accepted the assignment after we discussed the details and agreed upon my fee of $85.00. The documents were then emailed to me to print and take to the customers for completion. The closing was successful and I immediately scanned/emailed all documents back along with my invoice as agreed. I was notified that all was great and I may destroy the documents. To date, I have NOT been paid for my services. I’ve called several times, left messages and no one ever called back. I also sent emails to several people in the company: Mia Ruzicic, Mark Shafer, Chris Code and T. Boyle all to no avail. I’ve called the main telephone number listed and just get voicemails. BEWARE this company is a scam and does not pay!

In my experience, refinance docs or refi applications are not shredded & sent to the title or lender company.
So wondering why would they tell you to shred it. It does not sound legit unless it is a particular requirement in your state.

I also had the misfortune to work for this so called company. After many calls and emails either with no response or the check is in the mail I contacted the lender. I was truthful with the lender and explained that I had contacted them as a last resort and they came thru. I had my check within 3 business days. Don’t give up that is what they are hoping for they will just contact someone else and repeat this scam.

I am a notary in CA and took 2 assignment for Mark Shafer back in April and May 2017, it’s now August 2017 still not payment. I have send him multiple emails regarding payment past due, he keeping saying accounting is holding my check and will not release it for some reason, now I try to call and email him again, no response and went straight to voicemail. DO NOT WORK FOR EC FINANCIAL. THEY DON’T PAY.