eCheck work around

So I’ve been seeing on some forums where some banks especially Navy Federal are no longer accepting eChecks. Which to be honest I wasn’t too sure about because I was still able to make deposits until last week when I attempted to make a mobile deposit and it was rejected.

So here are some options. You can contact the company who issued you the echeck and see if they are willing to send you an actual check. If they won’t you can go to Office Depot and purchase a box of check refills and print them on that. You treat it like a normal check.

Make sure that you purchase the right ones so that they print correctly. Deluxe checks I believe prints with the check on the bottom. I tried it last week (I already had checks since I do payroll for some clients) and the bank accepted the deposit.

Specifically for Navy Federal Credit Union, they are no longer accepting eChecks at all, not mobile or with the teller. It’s a new policy that they implemented.


I just deposited an E-check on Friday with Navy Federal ??? This is new to me

Same, when I first heard about it I wasn’t having any issues making mobile deposits so I kept doing it. Until last week it was rejected and when I called the bank they had to ask a supervisor.

So remember when we make a mobile deposit a physical person has to review the check in order for it to be approved for deposit. If the person who is reviewing is unaware of the new policy then it’s possible that the check will go through.

The thing is that this is indeed a new thing that they are implementing and eventually everyone will be on the same page. So you’re in a great position where you can choose to move to another bank or buy checks before any of your deposits are rejected. My recommendation is buy a small box of checks and keep depositing your eChecks until you get a rejected deposit.


I am just wondering how they know it’s an echeck on a mobile deposit. They are just looking at a picture. I mobile deposit my echecks with USAA and so far no issues.


Well I’m assuming it has to do with the back of the check. You have to sign and endorse the check on the back. With an eCheck it’s a blank piece of paper with your signature on it vs an actual check has the wording and any other securities.

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If I get an echeck, there is always the option to print a paper check (free) and I can deposit direct on my banking app

can you post a link to the product?

7eight, I agree with you. There is no way a mobile echeck deposit can be identified,
I have found that there are some checks that just eek through the scanning requirements and get deposited and others are rejected. Amrock checks are an example, most reject and I have to mail the check to the bank. A company can decide to not to send echecks any longer for whatever reason but that is not related to the depositing of checks.

Yes that is correct but some banks are not accepting the paper check.

Sure thing. So this is what I have.

But I recommending getting the one with the checks on the bottom instead of the top.

So when you do a mobile deposit you have to take a pic of the front and the back. When you print the check the back is blank vs a real check, which is not. There is a significant difference. This is how they can tell. And it’s not all banks, just some.

I print my echecks on plain white paper, as you said it’s free and I haven’t had any problems with mobile depositing. Check with your bank to see if anything has changed in the way you deposit these checks or if they are just not accepting them any more. Sometimes banks make changes for security reasons.

as stupid as this sounds fold the bottom edge up just a little bit. This happened to me and when I went into Alta one the other day they showed me. Just too much paper at the bottom. Just take the edge and fold it “under” from the data. Hope I explained it well enough?

Hello there!

I used to work for chase bank for the last 14 years before becoming a notary. The Echeck thing is new. SO new that MOST people if you ask even a manager will automatically say NO we cannot do that no matter what! BUT it is legit and banks DO take them. When I was working at Chase and a banker called and stated they have a check that was downloaded from the internet and wanted to know if we can take them. My answer was always no. It’s not Legit. (yes that WAS my job, answering this type of question from bankers and branch managers - and YES I DID get this question and yes my answer at the time was no) I currently bank with RBFCU and they take them in person. I can’t use the atm to deposit but in person they take the checks. No questions asked.

I say this. If it doesn’t work and get’s rejected. Try again and make sure you didn’t just take two pictures or photo the same check twice by mistake. IF that doesn’t work then deposit in person. Don’t take one person’s “answer” as to if you can take it or not. The e checks are from a company called Deluxe who makes most of the countries physical checks. Meaning if you order your checks through your bank in the USA, most likely Deluxe is the company who will mail you your checkbooks. If they have questions they can always call Deluxe.; Just don’t give up and don’t pay for direct deposit from Deluxe. It’s a rip off!

checks have to much “open” space from data and check bottom you are correct. As stated for some reason the check will not read correct

I agree that you shouldn’t pay for Deluxe’s direct deposit. And your advise it great. I have been to the bank plenty of times before I used to do mobile deposits and I remember the tellers asking me if I knew the person who issued the checks.

If anyone is having issues depositing eChecks via mobile deposit you have options. Call your bank, go to the bank, print on checks. Do whatever works for you and if you don’t have any issues then more power to you. I can only speak on my personal experiences which I know Navy Federal has a new policy and some deposits are being accepted and some are being rejected, which I found this work around. I just don’t want to waste my time going through the steps to see what option works. When I get an eCheck I just print it on a check and go from there. :slight_smile:

So if I spent $30 to get paid for a $100 job that should have been $175 then I really got a big return on my investment, huh?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. If you’re referring to only one check then no it’s not really worth the investment. However a lot of signing services use e-checks to pay their notaries. Which is why I previously mentioned that one should do what works best for them.

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