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To those of you who are considering RON signings or creating your own electronic notary services, you will likely come across a request or find a need to create an electronic notary seal. Some of the Notary Registration sites are offering to create and sell you a copy of your seal for such purposes. You should know that it is possible to create your own on your personal printer that will be suitable for such requests/needs. I have an HP multifunction printer and following are the steps I used to create my ENS:

  1. Open your printer function and set to SCAN

  2. Select the option for Everyday/All Purpose Scan

  3. In the settings dialogue box change the following:

    • Page size should be set to “auto detect”
    • Destination or file type should be set to “png”
    • Check the “auto orientation” box, just in case you scan upside down
    • If there is an option, select “straighten content”
  4. Make certain your destination is set to the appropriate file where you store your notary documents.

You are now ready to upload your ENS onto the company portal. No need to pay for this service. Good luck


Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to give it a try because I’m curious and would like to see this happen.

Good suggestion. However, in order for your electronic signature to be legal in my state, it has to be certified by a recognized company such as IdenTrust or NNA. Certification takes approximately 3 to 5 days, as your proof of identity is thoroughly examined and verified. The cost is approximately $100 for one year, and like a background check you will renew the process at the end of that year. RON signings for Nexsys and Pavaso require a certified e-signature. NNA also provides an e-stamp for a one-time fee of $15. That will, of course, need to be renewed with your notarial certificate.


You are correct, Judith. But you are talking about two different things. My suggestion is for the steps you can take to create a physical/digital copy of your stamp. The same thing the NNA will charge $15 to do for you. That picture (png) is then uploaded to the organization that will provide certification for your digital notary seal. I have done both. I created my seal once I understood all that IdentTrust needed was a png copy of my stamp. And the picture I uploaded was accepted without question or need to prove that it was provided by NNA. So I now have a certified digital seal and I am fully RON certified.
Of course, we are only talking about a $15 fee if you choose to be certain that your seal will be acceptable and go the NNA route. It’s just a suggestion.

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I’m with Judi - apologies if I’m wrong but your post sounds like all you’re basically doing is a copy and paste of your standard notarial seal and using it for e-notarization purposes…and I didn’t think that was legal. It was my understanding an e-seal had to be issued by an authorized digital provider (and I’m not talking RON, I’m just talking standard e-seal) - which they provide to you

I’m guessing I’m misunderstanding this entire post…LOL!

I think I may have not been clear. On IdentTrust, you need to upload a png image of your stamp as part of the process in order for them to certify and issue to you the digital certificate. Creating that image is the only thing I am proposing you can do using your computer and printer (saving yourself $15 in the process.) It’s a little more involved than a copy and paste, but essentially it’s not too different. And yes, that e-seal can only be used through the platforms created and housed by them by the third-party users for whom you are providing your e-seal for signings, including RON.

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Thank you for the explanation, Jo-Ann

Good Call I hate being Nickel and Dimed to death by the NNA…$15 bucks can buy 2 reams of paper…
NNA gets more than I want to pay them anyway

For those who have limited experience with this kind of technical activity, I think $15 is a bargain. However, I believe this is the kind of instruction that NNA could have tossed to us as a bonus for being devoted (captive) members of their site as a FYI in their newsletter. Just sayin’. Glad you appreciated it. Thanks.

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This is helpful, thanks for sharing the info!

Has anyone used this website to generate their Digital Notary Seal? Fee is $3.99.


If not, what would you recommend?

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