Electronic Notary Services

Has anyone provided electronic notary services. It seems pretty simple and easy to do, but what is the best way to market the services?

Put that koolade down!

No, not death - just another transmutation. I’ve done 3 so far. My suggestion: Read your state’s notary statutes. If your state has adopted RULONA, read the sections pertaining to electronic signings - I understand from friends in other states that they do differ. (My state adopted a few really… unusual… amendments to the original; but that’s standard up here.) If your state has not yet adopted RULONA, don’t worry - you’re safe.

Second, become familiar with e-documents and signing software. I have used DocuSign for several years, and knew that electronic signatures need to have a certificate issued for each prior to being considered legally binding on a contract. My signer in the second e-signing had neglected that step - I had to get the escrow agent on the line to get his signature certified before we could complete the signing. Pavaso has a product for signing professionals, and I expect most of the others do or will have soon.

Third, make sure your e-signing does not require a wet signature (notarized, of course) on some documents. My first did on the recordable docs. My second did, but only on the deed. My third did on all the critical docs. So read those instructions before you go out!!

If you are considering a laptop, I suggest one with a touch screen. You can avoid purchasing a signing pad and stylus.

Good luck!

Wondering if the fee offered is equal to the equipment, etc. required for these. Seems I see ‘monthly fees’ and question the volume a particular notary MIGHT receive.

I’ve started to do a combination signing - DocuSign for most of the docs and obtaining wet signatures also. Less time to prepare and print. And luckily I have a touch screen laptop (Surface) which works well. I’m in Michigan and the bill to do remote online notarizations is in the senate for approval. They are saying by the end of this year it could be legal. I’m excited to be able to notarize for any one and any where in the State of Michigan. I’m just wondering if the fees will go UP or DOWN. Anyone know?? The one I’ve done went UP…

Amrock just (attempted to) decrease hybrid fee ‘because there’s less to print’. Seems they think that your expensive equipment & monthly fee stuff is a volunteer/freebie for them to consume.

Is it expensive and worth it to get the necessary items and registration to do electronic notarization. I’m in Washington and keep seeing requests for areas in the northern islands which are 2-3 hours away and by ferry. But what fees and volume would you need. I see about 3 each week.

I just got a questionnaire from one of the companies I work for, the Closer, asking whether or not I am or plan to be a RON (remote online notary). I told them I was not but was considering it, however getting enough of a fee to cover the extra expense in obtaining and maintaining this designation might be difficult. I suggested that there be a separate fee schedule or additional amount when it is necessary, due to location of signers, but the problem is all the services assume you can get there, even when it’s on an island near Canada, which is common here in northern Washington. Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are.