Electronic Seals

Hey you guys, i hope everyone is doing great! I have a question, does any one know where i can purchase a electronic notary seal? I live in Virginia.

I use NNA to buy my digital notary seal/stamp and digital certificate which is done through IdendTrust. .


In addition to the NNA (Identrust) most RON platforms sell their own as well, and some will give you one for free. Do your homework because not all platforms accept every providers seal/certificate (because they want to sell their own). If your state SOS approves RON, they “usually” tell you which platforms they accept. Hope this helps!


I’m in Texas, so my response might not be accurate for you since you’re in Virginia.

To complete the application for an online commission in Texas, you have to upload a .jpg or .png image file of your electronic notary seal. I found out you can buy one through an Etsy store for about $8, you can buy one through the NNA for $20, or you can make one yourself with a free online or mobile photo editor, like Pixlr or Canva.

I just Googled “texas notary seal” and edited the text on the sample seal image to have my info (Name, commission number, commission expiration) and it worked just fine for me once I uploaded it for my application. I used Photoshop, but like I said, there are many free photo editors out there.

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