Elite Signing Services

Texas notaries. Did any one had a signing for ES Texas recently? I mean in the last couple of weeks.

no it was longer and had no problems maybe 2 months ago

Is this the notary service located in Houston, Texas? If so, then I would love to share my negative opinion… I did a notary for them the day before Thanksgiving… Actually ** Elite Mobile Service ** located in Houston

If you are talking about Elite Mobile Notary, AKA: Elite TAM, LLC. They are located in Houston, TX. Their address is 16107 Finningans Cir, Houston, TX 77044. Aisha Barrie is listed as: Officer and Mariama Barrie is listed as Managing Member with same address. It is a residence, very nice one too. They owe me over $400. for 5 signings dating back to July 30, 2019. The last one I did for them was on September 9, 2019. I got the same story about their account being hacked but they don’t seem to be trying to reach out or get caught up at all. I am going to reach out to their clients to see if they are still doing business. I have received a couple of requests but turned them down for obvious reasons…

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Yes, same service. Did you receive payment?

Nothing yet…received another email saying they are working through the fraud issue and will pay out all past due orders but it will take some time to get caught up…I thing it will take longer than they think since they are losing so much business with all of the negative info floating around out there from us Notaries…