Email from 123 Notary

I received this email from 123 Notary. Is this standard practice. Has anybody else received an email like this?

Dear Tashi,
We need to evaluate the skill of all Notaries on our site. Here are a few quick Notary questions that should only take a few minutes to answer.


  1. When you see the words “Subscribed and sworn to before me by _____ ,” whose name goes in the blank? Customer, Borrower, Affiant, or Signer? Please choose the most accurate and specific way of describing the answer.

  2. Please tell me what verbiage you would use if you administer an Oath to me for a document that says, “I live in Delaware.”

  3. How do you fix a wrong county on an Acknowledgment that you intend to keep?

  4. If you sign a Refinance on a Friday and Monday is a Federal Holiday, when is your last day to cancel?

  5. If you have two signers each signing ten notarized documents, how many journal entries would you create for this transaction?

6. When you confirm with a borrower, what should you go over besides the date, time, place and if they have ID?

  1. Which Notary act does NOT require personal appearance of the signer?
    Choose from Acknolwedgments, Jurats, Oaths, Affirmations, Proofs of Execution and Protests .

  2. Which Notary act does NOT require the signer to sign in front of the Notary?

  3. Which Notary act has no required signature and no mention of God?

  4. What is the technical term for County & State as a unit?

11. Which loan documents allows the lender to fix clerical and typographical errors on their own?

  1. Please name all documents (even if they don’t show up often) that mention the prepayment penalty at all.

  2. Which loan document requires the borrower to move into the subject property within 60 days and stay there for at least a year or some other specified period of time?

Jeremy Belmont
123notary manager

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LOL! Yes I received it… annnndddd I ignored it! Take a look at a few of the other posts here on the forum about 123 Notary and you can decide what you want to do with it:

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Good for you Klewis31975! Don’t forget to sign the petition at to shut him down! petition to shut down 123 Notary for unethical practices

Jeremy Belmont is NOT a notary. His assistant Carmen is.

I have unsubscribed from anything 123 Notary. Just reading any of his blogs makes my skin crawl. The things he says are just so unprofessional and narcissistic. But it is a free country and he has freedom of speech and we have the freedom to hit unsubscribe and delete! Folks associate yourself with reputable companies like the NNA.

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I have received quite a bit of business from advertising on his website. So I just answered the questions and sent it back. Not a big deal for me.

Yes, I received the same email from Jeremy. I completed it and he said I only received a 55%. What the F***? I have been a Notary since 1983, I have worked in the mortgage finance industry since 1981 and for many years a top producer. In 2008 I went to work for the FDIC as a Senior Aset Manager and Operations Manager closing failed banks and still do to this day. On top of that I have had my California Real Estate license for over 25 years. I have never cited for an error for anything I have done, I think I know what I am doing out there. He is really “screwing” the people that advertise with him. Recently in the Greater Sacramento area he placed a signing company in the #1 position, so now whenever anyone uses 123Notary the first place they will call is the notary service, not even located in California and they have been taking all the calls and they peddling them back out to people for half of what fee the notary would have gotten if they would have received the call. So every one in position 2-10 don’t have a chance to get a call with the service being in the #1 spot. Jeremy is the biggest “A**” there is and I do not reccomend anyone dealing with him. I am letting an ad I have with him run out and not renewing. I am working with Google now and it has been great. It all started when he started taking people’s certifications away. He said I cheated, I asked him how I did that when he gave me the test and certified me. I have the NNA certification, his is worthless, as you can tell from the questions. How many times have many of those questions occured while you have been a notary? I can tell you since 1983 I have had many of those questions “NEVER” occur, but I know where to find the answers, the Hotline to NNA.

I was happy to sign and did so.

Read my reply and hope he doesn’t do to you what he just did to the Sacramento area by placing a notary service in the number one spot.

Did you fail the test?

Wow! Ive been hearing so many horror stories about this guy. That’s not the way to do business.

I didn’t take the test. I thought it was some kind of scam email. I didn’t think it was real. That’s why I posted it to see of anyone else received it.

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Oh wow, I’ll have to go sign that.

He’ll eventually start calling you and quizing you like you’re a child. If you don’t have the time to mess with it, or you answer incorrectly (in his mind) he’ll remove you from the site.

I agree that Jeremy an be a little tough in his approach, but he has a point about many notaries not knowing what their doing out in the real world. Also, there is no question that most of my work comes from companies and individuals who found me on 123noatry. 123notary is a great investment for increasing your business in my opinion.

I’ve read many negative comments about Jeremy not-so recently. As for me, I had been a heavy dues payer going back about 15 years, and had even “achieved Elite” Signing Agent status, after paying $100’s and $100’s and $100’s over the years … my “N number” was in the mid-600’s with five very positive reviews… Approaching my renewal a couple years ago and receiving an email about Jeremy’s “new process”, I never received a reply to my query. I recall receiving a voicemail message (possibly from Carmen?) which I did not understand, and I did nothing. Consequently, Jeremy peremptorily dropped me with not even a “hey, how do you do?”. I know other NSA’s similarly situated. Meanwhile, I still get referrals by way of, even though I hate the NNA for other reasons … as well as calls from my regulars. At the end of the day, Jeremy’s truculence continues to cost him mucho dinero every day from me and others.

Don’t know, nor do I care if I passed his out of state test. Maybe I just pissed him off because he called me in the middle of a job and I really did not have the time to get quizzed. I am just happy I did not give him my money but feel terrible for those who did and were removed.

He wanted me to take his quiz, he called me at 8:30am on a Sunday morning. I take meds that help me sleep so I was out of it. He said it sounds like your drunk. I tried to explain my situation but he didn’t care.

Jeremy thinks he is and has the best site out there. I had a free membership and he called me to take his exam and I declined. Got kicked off his site…Jeremy is not even a notary. his assistant is.

Yep…got the same treatment. I was in consumer and commercial loans for 7 years plus ran my own small marketing company…before becoming a Licensed Notary Singing Agent in Minnesota. He sent me the e mail with long list of questions …no time limit…for the answers i did not know or not certain of , I used my Notary text books and statutes to answer the tough ones. He failed me and booted me from 123 even though i was a paying member.
I do not know all the answers to various legal questions as a loan officer or a notary…Thats what i have law books and directives for.
He is not very professional … I have received little or no work from 123 anyway. HW