Email scam alert - another PSA for brand new notary signing agents


Thank you for sharing this information


@Carmen_Lane Thank you for this Cautionary Tale. Always important to be alert and attentive to the ‘red flags’ in unsolicited emails.

Thank you for sharing!


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Thank you! I had no idea people had this much time on their hands. :roll_eyes:


Good catch! Thank you for sharing Carmen.

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How bizarre. Why on earth would “Pamela Anderson” think a notary would send her, the signer, all of that info? This scammer must think we’re all idiots.

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Scammers like this are count on NEW or NAIVE/TRUSTING notaries to fall for it. Pamela DENISE Anderson is the movie star, but you are right – the attempt at name recognition is a little hilarious.

I would play along by asking them to have the T.O. contact me directly. I’m sure the response would be “crickets.”

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