Emclosings llc

Does anyone know anything about this signing agency?
They appear to have been in business for a few years, but there is nothing online that I could find that was either positive or negative. They are registered with Sunbiz. I want to make sure I get paid for the job in my area for which I was contacted. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Hadn’t heard of them. I did find their website and that they’re on the SigningOrder platform. Otherwise, nothing.

I’ve worked with them. They pay in 21 days or less. Very communicative and easy to work with

@tamikaroby : What was the scope of work and what fee did you receive? TIA!

@alexia6ciulap Special note ===>>> when querying about a business entity that is new to you AND if you’re unable to locate much data on the internet about them . . .

You’ll want to utilize discretion before “blindly accepting” a strong recommendation from a “brand new” Notary Cafe member as there is the potential that new forum member could be an employee OR owner, etc. of that business entity, not necessarily someone with first-hand direct experience accepting a Signing Order from & subsequent payment from a business entity.

There are MANY “newly minted” Signing Services [SSs] that are hatched from a training program & that are not fully funded business entities.

Remember that you’re (in essence) extending credit to that business entity.


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It was a seller’s closing, fee was $100 and it was nearby… less than a mile drive

I have completed a few signings with them over the last couple months. I found them to be easy to work with and responsive with any questions. I have been paid on time as well which is always a plus.