Emotional signings

Have you ever had a signer start to break down and cry during a signing?
What do you guys do in that situation?

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The would depend on why they’re crying. Happy tears on acquiring their first home, sorrowful tears selling a family member’s property after they passed, selling a property due to a divorce, etc. I had a closing that involved a divorce; he was happy, she was devastated.

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yeah I never know exactly what to say other than “I’m so sorry”

I have never had this to happen. But, if I did, I would ask them is there anything I could do to help and/or do we need to break for a few moments and/or are they comfortable to continue with this signing today. It really depends on the context of the situation and if they are that emotional, they may not be thinking clearly enough to even sign.


Some of my signings in hospitals and full care facilities there are tears but usually by signer or relatives knowing end is near. Sad times but must remain strong to assist getting through task at hand. People if you do not have your POA’s completed, reminder to get your business in order. I have my POA’s so my family won’t be burdened. During COVID lot of POA signings. Military personnel also request POAs signings prior to be deployed.


that’s something to consider for sure

very smart better to be prepared

Not during a loan signing. Heck, I’m the light at the end of the tunnel. My favorite tagline is (when applicable) is congratulations you just bought a house! General notary assignments sometimes end in tears, I’m even emotionally touched.


Yes! Most of the time it’s a seller signing. Especially when someone who is in a retirement community apartment is now realizing they are saying a final goodbye to the family home where they raised their children. I had one that was a bit tricky. The woman lived with an adult son and they were both still in the home from which she had to move. She didn’t want to sign the documents and I told her I could not proceed with the signings if she was doing so under duress. She told me she had to sign and sell because she couldn’t stay in the house anymore due to her health (she was in a wheelchair). I proceeded with the signing, but I never felt good about it.

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@Tisino Ohhhhhhh . . . that’s a heart-breaking situation indeed . . . :cry:

Coming to terms with the finality of life when reaching various stages of aging can be quite a challenge.


FYI: There’s a very informative & helpful book on this topic entitled: “Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?” by Joy Loverde - published in 2017.

  • It includes multiple helpful worksheets (in paper format)
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wow, that’s a tough situation. :pensive: