Employees or Independent Contractors

Hello NSA’s,
I’m new to NSA about 3 months. I was leery about joining signing services because I did not like how long it takes for them to payout 30 to 45 days. So I went Direct working with an E.O. and got my signing the first day I marketed myself and was paid in 3 to 5 business days.

Working for Signing Services are we considered employees or independent contractors?
I’m an independent contractor with my own business as a NSA and I should put in my contract that I want payment in 7 to 14 business days from signing services. They should not tell us when we should get paid.

Please give your input on this subject. Thank you.


You’re always an IC as nobody’s gonna pay your taxes except you. While I agree with the concept, you can ‘try’ to state your terms, but they will ignore it and pay on their terms, or just move on to another notary. As you started out very strong, keep it that way…get as much Direct as you can.


very creative - I’m new like less than 30 days - what state are you in…as I would like to ditto going direct and for me in addition to using the signing services too. How did you go about going direct? welcome feedback. thanks

Cynthia…you do realize you are in an attorney-only state? Depending on how the law is written, an attorney has to either be a part of the signing or conduct the entire signing (prohibiting a notary from conducting them independently).


while i realized DE was an attorney state i had not connected the dots…thank you