Encrypted emails and encrypted scanned documents

I believe it is standard business practice to download scanned documents directly into the Signing Company’s or title company’s website.

Do any of you ever
send emails and/or
send scans via email to a signing agency or title company?
and if so
How do you encrypt / what encryption service do you use?

Thank you in advance.

I’ve password-protected Microsoft Word documents and emailed them. Of course you have to find a secure way to communicate the password to whoever is receiving it.

If you have Adobe Acrobat you can use that to add a password to a PDF. But if you only have Adobe Reader (free) that won’t work. There are websites that will add a password for free, but it may not be a good idea to upload a document to a third-party website.

@cvotruba If a client requires a scanned set of documents, they usually have a web portal to securely upload the docs.

In other very rare instances, I utilize Adobe Acrobat (paid version) to encrypt with Password Protection. In addition, I’ll send a completely separate email with an innocuous Subject Line to provide the Code to avoid having the Code in the email or in the same email thread of the Password Protected doc.


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I always password protect the document and in the body of the email I tell then to use something in the borrower’s file as the password… I never provided the accrual pass word I just tell them where to look for it.

My brother scanner will also allow you to password protect the scanned document as you save it to a PDF file. That is also another option and it’s free.