eNotary companies other than Pavaso

Frustrating process, lengthy and confusing. Finally certified - now trying for the paid “eNotary” designation and keep running into blocks. Is there another company out there that offers eNotary certification?

What state are you in, Judi? Arkansas has allowed e-Notary for several years. You have to take an ‘Education Course/Test’ from the state before you earn (& pay extra for) the designation. Then the fun begins. When they first allowed this, there were 2 ‘state-approved’ companies you HAD to buy into in if you intended to use the e-Notary. (I didn’t & don’t plan to.) Neither was exactly cheap. A few years later, they have 5 companies you can buy into…and, apparently, will accept more–perhaps many more. The state website has a ‘search’ feature for e-notaries. At first, the only e-notaries were SOS employees. Now, there are quite a few who have the designation. The real kicker: Not a single one has bought into any platform to date. One thing about this that I don’t know enough about is: Will these various e-Notary platforms be accepted by everyone you’d like to work with OR will hiring party insist “you can only work for us IF you have this/that or the other platform?”

WA only recently adopted RULONA (5/17), but we are a tech-heavy state. Title companies are starting to promote e-signings and e-closings. WA has not yet set specific providers, but judging by past procedures they will go with industry leaders.

I would expect that for real estate signings the title company will get tied into one particular platform, and the notary will have to be signed up with that provider in order to do any eNotarization for that title company.

For general notary work there might be more flexibility. It doesn’t appear Pavaso is interested in general notary work.

Good points as always, Ashton. Most of my title clients seem to favor Intellisign, but Pavaso is making a big marketing push.

If this really catches on, I have to agree with ashton on 'TC will get tied into one particular platform". Which leads me to: many TCs will choose different platforms. Which leads to: Notary will have tremendous costs to be ‘ready for anything’. Which leads me to: this is too much trouble/expense for all involved—what the heck, let’s just go to remote signings thru this/that/another remote signing COMPANY. That road has already been laid out. Only question is when it gets paved…and by whom.
I don’t think it will be done by IC Notaries.

One thing this has taught me : the process is the same, regardless of the e-signing company. So long as a Notary understands the process, multiple certifications simply is not necessary.

Ok, so I’ve decided to add E-Notary service and got approved by the State of Colorado to do it. Then I got an E-notary Certificate from Pavaso that I can do both hybrid and the full E-notarization but there is a $99 fee to register as a full-on E-Notary on Pavaso Platform! Is it worth it to pay $99 first year and then $50 after that every year to be a full-on E-notary Pavaso? or should I just stick with the hybrid without a fee to do it?

Docusign - costs about $4,000 year (not doing that one)

Be sure you check with your Secretary of State if the technology vendor is approved by your state.

I have had no problem with Pavaso. However, Docusign quoted $4,000 a year - and that was for the smallest business platform.

was this training worth it?