Epson Workforce ES-580W Does it automatically recognize legal and letter

Epson Workforce ES-580W

Does it automatically recognize legal and letter size paper that is loaded into its tray and scan (at the same time) to the recipient 8 1/2 in and 14 in. documents so the recipient (receiving company) does not have to cut the paper?

We can probably set it for all legal paper (which will require cutting by the receiver).

We can sort the document legal and letter separately and then scan, but the receiver receives the documents out-of-order. It is extra work for us for no pay (UGH).

The Epson manual does not answer this question.

I have tried to call Epson support with no success.

Also, it looks like you can feed 100 sheets into the scanner and it will scan all 100. That’s great if it works without jamming.

If anyone knows the answer, great.

If I buy it, I will try to buy from a retailer that has a generous return policy. It sells for about $399.00 and is wireless and USB and is TWAIN. Thanks for listening.

Finally reached Epson tech support after many phone calls… They say that only one size document can be put in their Epson ES-580W at one time. Their scanner can not recognize letter and lagal paper automatically. Only one size paper can be put into the document feeder at one time and the document size has to be entered on their touch screen. Thanks for listening.

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I use the Brother ADS 1700w. I love it. It will recognize the different page sizes if i scan them in batches. Lets say youre working on a signing and its time to scan. Lets pretend the letter size mortgage is followed by legal size right to cancel. I scan the mortgage. Stop. Scanner will ask continue or complete. Insert right to cancels, hit continue. As long as i do that through the package, it reads the different sizes and saves as such. Cures my OCD


I am not a fan of multiple pages of scan backs.

I wonder if there is a scanner that automatically recognizes paper size.

I am going to search Google out of curiosity.

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