Equity National Looking for professionalism or just Arrogances?

Continuing the discussion from Equity National Title & Closing Services Inc:
Email from Equity National
“This is a notification that an issue has been logged for the following closing that you handled for us:”
“These issue(s) will impact your scorecard.”

I really don’t care about your “scorecard”. The guy I was working with did not speak English. I told his wife to inform him to initial all cross outs. It is my fault I did not see that they did not listen to my instructions. When I received your first email that the borrower failed to initial “never known as”, I fixed it the same day and uploaded it to you. According to your email you were going to send me a FedEx label to send the original initialed doc back. I asked about the label twice because it is a 24 mile round trip to the FedEx, but you never replied just left me hanging. You never thanked me for uploading the corrected doc the same day either. So when I read, “We are committed to proving the highest level of quality to our customers” you should include the Signing Agents that quickly try to resolve any of your requests, that’s just good business. So next time you are looking for a GOOD SIGNER in the area, please take me off of your calling list.

William Conkis

Did I read correctly that you could not directly communicate with one of the signers?

The Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility offers this professional best practice: “The Notary shall not notarize for any person with whom the Notary cannot directly communicate in the same language, regardless of the presence of a third-party interpreter or translator.” Further specifically forbidden in California.

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Hey thanks Dan for that info I was not aware of it. The guy spoke some English I asked him if he did and he said “poco” and that’s about how much Spanish I speak.lol

They are unrelenting in their zeal to find something wrong so they can chop your fee. I fired them years ago.

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