Error reduction in fee

So we all state we are frustrated with the lower fees especially when we are putting ourselves in danger. But I missed one page due to the distance signing. (Takes so much more time and harder to verify without seeing up close and checking as they are signing). Many times they don’t sign appropriately or miss completely or sign in wrong spot etc. now I got $10 off a low fee after I went back and obtained signature and scanned it back. That is frustrating as well.

And why I won’t do these ‘drive-by/whatever’ signings. Signers can screw it up in normal times…which these definitely are not.

Let me ask - did you check to see if that document was in the package you were provided at closing? Some companies will try to sneak previously overlooked docs into the signing to get the notary to eat the expense of a second trip - not saying this is your case but many have posted about this issue. And many notaries have negotiated an additional fee when it was proven that they didn’t “miss” the doc, but the doc was never there to begin with.

Just a thought. You’ve already done it but something to watch out for. Also, yes, if you do miss signatures, many companies will dock your fee for the error no matter what. Then there’s the good companies who will work with you, let you get it fixed on your dime and pay you your full fee.