eSignings Fees & Processes

Any suggestions on pricing for eSignings? I have been getting several of the larger title companies sending me inquiries regarding a new program for eSignings in my state.I’m not sure if it is going to entail any less work in the process or what fees to expect. Any one out there have experience in the eSigning realm?

Thank you in advance for any feedback

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Ive been wondering the same…what increase (in PAY) should I anticipate by learning the Hybrid close?
I havent seen anything with regards to compensation or pay structure for eClosings on any of the signing companies websites/webinars I work with (who’ve expressed their interest or partnership)…basically, is it worth my time to learn?

Ascending’s I think depends a lot on your state. I live in the state of Pennsylvania and you have to apply with the state in order to be able to do E signings I’m waiting for mine to come back hopefully will be approved. As for pricings I’m not sure yet I do know that the my state requires you to use certain vendors so there’s going to be a cost with software with the E signing so I’m sure, I know my fees should reflect that increase cost I have to incur on the software usage.

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I’m waiting for the higher E&O costs as well as additional software and training. WA just adopted RULONA - esigning is not in use here yet, but given the love of all things tech in the Northwest, it will arrive with a bang. Right now, I plan to increase my fees by 25%, to cover the additional liability.

Update on e-Signings. Using Pavaso platform I’ve started to do what they call Hybrid Signings meaning you print about 35 to 55 pages and the rest is on your iPad when you login to the website. The pay range so far has been between $85 and $245 depending on the distance. I do travel up to 100 miles and cover over 25 counties in 2 states. OR/WA. I wouldn’t say it’s any faster because the online part takes quite a bit of time because every single page you go over you have to ask questions and they have to click their signature then click save then click next page. Tip: if there’s more than one Borrower you might have them sit next to each other! Actually I’d say paper is probably a little faster.

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