Estate Planning Notarization Sessions - Multiple Copies/Multiple Signers

Hey ya’ll,

The other day I facilitated an estate planning session with 5 signers; and a deed for each signer. Each signer signed about 5-6 copies of the same deed. This session is completed and I’ve already been paid.

Question: How do ya’ll charge when you have multiple copies of the same document? I traditionally still do $10 per seal/stamp (I am in TX) and if there are more than 5 stamps I do not charge for travel. I’ve had people say while I’m there hey can you notarize this copy as well? I always say yes as long as they are ok with the additional $10. I’ve never had someone want 5-6 copies of the same doc.

I searched and did not see a topic similar to this, but I could’ve been wrong.

I don’t work as a mobile notary anymore. Back when I did, I had a session similar to what you describe. At that time, the VT notary law about fees was a mess and I couldn’t interpret it. So I always just charged a hefty travel fee and did the notarizations for free.

Now my state has no rules about how much a notary may charge.


I would have charged them $25 for each document set, plus $10/notary seal for all documents, and my normal travel fee and extra if outside of my county.


I think I’ll just stick to charging per seal, with no travel fee when there are more than 5 seals. I still made good money and it’s easier to explain/justify this way. I am new and I notice when I mention travel fees for whatever reason people are turned away.

Thank you for the replies!

I think you may be shorting your self. I believe the $10 is per signature notarized, not how many stamps are placed.

… how many times I stamp is how many times a signature is notarized? Right? Think of a quitclaim deed. Imagine notarizing 30-50.

The invoice was $300, less work than loan signing and no additional mailing etc. I’d say I did ok.

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Maybe I didn’t make my point clear. If you have one document with 2 signers, both signers are listed in the notarial wording, There is only one stamp but the charge is $20. Each signature notarized is $10.
I do believe you were well paid for what you did.

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I’m in TX but I don’t think that’s how we can charge-- however for this job it was not multiple signers on one document. It was multiple signers with their own deed to sign. One signature per deed.

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@sayrek Depends on your state … Here as in TX it’s per notarial act, not per signature notarized

depends on your state, Im in California where we notarize signatures not per stamp on a document. so in your scenario I would’ve charged $15 per signature notarized per person so 5 X 15 = $75.

Please don’t shortchange yourself. If you traveled, charge for the travel.

I just did an estate job that the attorney said would be 3 docs. I gave him my price of $50 for travel and $5 per notary stamp (state max) for a total of $65. When I got there, he had 10 docs. So instead of $65 it was $100 ($5 x 10 docs, plus $50 travel.) He paid without comment, as I itemized the fee in the initial phone call, $5 per stamp plus travel. It’s nice to be nice, but it’s nicer to get your fair and proper fee.

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In Wisconsin we are allowed five dollars per document regardless of signatures, so multiple signers does not pay well. The limits are maximum fees, so if you want to charge less or not charge at all, it is acceptable.

It’s not a matter of short changing–if someone is already paying me $300 for an hour of work where all I have to do is sign and stamp some pieces of paper… I am not going to nickel and dime and charge a traveling fee.

In your scenario it makes since to charge a travel fee because you wouldn’t be much without it. However please note our scenarios are not the same.


This was your initial question, right? I’m just wondering why you asked the question if you felt you got a proper and acceptable fee – then challenged others on their responses to your question?

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Most people aren’t really addressing or answering the full scenario, they are just talking about what they’ve done… Most of it doesn’t even relate. Not one single post has even mentioned notarizing copies, everybody just keeps talking about the number of signatures, which I don’t even know why, but I digress.

Also, I already posted I’m good and I will move forward with how I charge. I honestly thought I was charging too much, but based on the responses that I’ve seen, it seems as if you all would still try to tack on travel fees, other assorted fees, etc…

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As a matter of fact, it was your response that led me to believe that I was charging fairly.

Well, you’re not going to like this…but

That’s what you asked see your original post. “What do y’all do”

Because we don’t unless we’re certifying a copy of a document.

You asked a general question of notaries in various states, whose fee structures vary by state (CA per signature, FL per notarial act, for example)

When you’re running a business, ALL items come into play as being payable for the service, including travel distance and time along with time at the table and various other expenses associated with doing business.

And I’m with Tisino…why do you ask a question, get viable responses and advice, then argue? You may be better served to join the TX FB page…apparently you don’t like us here very much.

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LOL how did I know you would find your way into another post of mine… Do you have alerts turned on for me or something?

However… I’m turning off alerts to this post, so if you all want to continue to have this conversation amongst yourselves, you are more than welcome to.

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Not sure where you got certified copies from— again, adding things that aren’t there.

Please learn how these public forums work before accusing someone of, basically, stalking you. Trust me, I have not flagged you or set an alert for your posts for any reason …you’re NOT that informative or interesting to me… …in fact, I feel a bit sorry for you…I feel bad for people who ask a question and don’t understand the answers they were given.

I’m done here.