Ethical Question...I think

Hello All,

I had my first signing with a signing service on August 1, 2022 and even though the pay was very low, I took them because I was a newbie. I noticed that the signings from this company are all from the same title company but I’ve since completed 27 signings.

As I learned in the LLS system, it’s not ethical to solicit from the title company that uses the signing service but I’ve requested an increase and they only went up $10.

My question is, the signings have all come through one escrow officer however there are several officers in the company. Would it still be unethical to market directly to those other officers to get more pay?

Thank you in advance!

im curious how much is the pay?

I’m embarrassed to say it’s $30. The documents are typically 13-14 pages and I just started so I didn’t care in the beginning but now…

Is that a loan modification or something else?


I appreciate your honesty. so will give you some pointers. You won’t like this, but, you put yourself in the bargain bin (I know, I know–experience/foot in the door) and YOU have to get yourself out of it by saying NO TO LOW. They like you cuz of your way too little fee, so now that more than your foot (27 signings) is in the door, it’s time to act like a business owner & stop losing money by NEGOTIATINGl
Kick it up to at least $60,(FWIW-$100 is your goal on these) and keep increasing it by $10 with EVERY call until it’s profitable (actually…get more to make up for the big loss you’ve already suffered). And find better co’s to work with. As to trying to go direct, tread carefully. The TC may very well have a contract with this cheap SS that THEY can’t/won’t circumvent…cuz your fee is too low and very profitable FOR THEM.


Thank you so much for this detailed answer. I agree as I have already kicked it up $10 and wanted to keep the steady stream of signings so I waited a while before asking.
I live in Texas so from my home to just about anywhere is at least 30 minutes, one way! I’ll keep upping the price and continue to market to other title companies.
Thank you!


I dont entertain those offers at all…i counter w 75-125 depending on distance and of course am never assigned…
I told them to stop sending those lo bsll ridiculous signings unless they are prepRed to pay a fair fee…Sorry to say, its folk who take them that encourage their lo ball fees …and for $5. They will give to somebody else.


So right…you are…c2c biggest offender… once they told me they did 12000 a month …serious $
U wind up printing 3 copies (75+ pages) and driving 30 minutes+ each way $30 fee
I get the same assignment from the bank for 3x fee+
They make huge fees

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Thank you! I upped my fee to $60 and got the sob story and signings they would give me automatically I see are now given to another signer…and this is just since yesterday.

I’ll be marketing banks! Thank you!

You got wise…so they move on to the next newb in line… and you worry about ethics~~ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And that is why I love this forum!


Or simply learning on our way to being an “expert.” We all come in at different levels and a freshly graduated anything is not going to understand the nature of anything until they’ve been immersed in that anything for a good amount of time.

I appreciate the people who’ve responded constructively!


Back in the days I had a remarkable mentor, Her Name was Carol Ray, she provided me the tools to become a Professional LSA , not an expert, and I will never expect to be one.
On this forum we have Mentors who share their knowledge unselfishly and I am grateful for them, I do not print their names because everyone knows who they are.
My comments are not negative or constructive, it is up to the way Notaries interpret them, I just tell the ways things are going on our profession.


That’s exactly why I put quotes around the word ‘expert.’ Get it? And, that comment could’ve best been put onto a general discussion post as I was asking for advice, not opinions. Thank you.

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Ethical question…? kinda vague…
Just ignore me.

Yes that is what’s happening to me, coast to coast will offer very lo price and since I’m trying to get to 20+ I sometimes take the $40.00 ones.
There is another company they accept my Signing but give me very little time, e.g they need a notary asap at 6.00 pm and will sent out information at 5.00 pm and expect me to drive 25 minutes for $35.00
Any time I ask for more money they say we’ll call you back but never do.
Now if I accept the low offer I’m their man.


You should build your relationship with the title company, by doing work beyond expectations. Once the title company starts calling you direct to request your services, then it’s not a question of being unethical. As for taking business at a low rate, we are in a market where the supply of orders is lower than the number of signing agents. That gives the signing services and title companies the advantage, because they know it’s no problem getting orders completed at low rates. On the other side of the mortgage business, companies are downsizing and loan volumes are declining. Therefore companies are looking for ways to cut costs and maximize their profit margins. With that being stated, it becomes a question can you sustain your business in today’s climates? For our business to stay profitable, we have to be creative and look for ways to expand our services. Just my opinion on this topic of low fees.

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Thank you for that piece of information. That definitely is something else to take into consideration.

Another thing don’t mention Loan Signing System to the Signing Company. Many companies frown on this program and you my find yourself without order from additional companies.