Everything TEXAS

This topic is to gather information on what is going on in 1 of 2 largest states in North America. Examples:

What is happening in our Market? What do you think is going on with our fees?, Best Signing and Title companies that operate in our State? etc…

Here is another example of valuable information from a member “Riverpointe Tax”: The IRS respects what state laws say regarding notary compensation. Then contact a local Tax Professional that’s familiar with the IRS Notary exemption and how it’s calculated. You don’t have to hire a Tax Professional, many will give you 30 minutes to have a chat. If you want formal advice pay the consulting fee. The fee is a business expense that you can take as a business expense.

There was an effort during the last legislative session to raise Notary fees to $10.00 per each act. The bill made it through the House but didn’t clear the Senate before the session ended. There seem to be broad support from both the House and Senate.


Thank you…Happy New Year. That is great information.