Executor Signature Line

I’ve done many sellers signings before but this is my first with a executor signing for their deceased sibling. The GWD w/Vendors Lien document signature line looks like this:

Jane Doe, Individually and Jane Doe, as Independent Executor of the Estate of John Doe, deceased


By: ______________________________________

My thoughts is the first line is for “Jane Doe” to sign as normal and the line below “By:” line to sign as Jane Doe, Executor


I’ve reached out to the title company to see exactly how they want it done but being a weekend I won’t hear till Monday, which is ok. The signing is Monday afteroon.

Thanks y’all!

My thoughts? I had 2 signings like this but with trust documents. I had the signer sign their normal signature where needed and had them sign their name and all the verbage after on the trust form. The docs were rejected and I had to make another trip to their home to have some docs resigned with just a regular signature on the trust docs. I learned my lesson to either contact the lender or Title company to ask how to sign. But if u cant get a hold of either, you can call the NNA hotline and ask for advise if u are a member.

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I believe is the same as POA, when the signer is doing it in lieu of the other person… JOHN DOE as JANE DOE.
Not quite sure, let’s wait for more inputs about your question :wink:

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It is confusing, then, I was wrong… my apologies.

Definitely check w/ hiring party on how they want this executed…absent a response from them, in my experience, you are right, Texas - they’d sign individually and as Executor of the Estate. It could read a couple ways

Sign: Jane Doe, individually, or just Jane Doe

Sign: Jane Doe, Executor of the Estate of John Doe…or

Estate of John Doe

BY Jane Doe, Executor

Also check your notary laws as to how to complete your cert in a representative capacity; my experience I could use one - “Personally appeared and acknowledged before me via personal appearance Jane Doe, individually and Jane Doe as Executor of the Estate of John Doe” - or you may have to attach a separate cert if not enough room to put all those words in the pre-printed one.

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Over 25 years in the biz…and I do that EVERY TIME because they each have their own preferred way–no consistency here–so it’s always best to ask & do it their way. (and keep the e-mail for proof!)

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