Expansion of Vermont emergency RON and enotary rules

I saw a web page from the NNA about Vermont’s latest changes to its “Emergency Rules for Remote and Electronic Notarial Acts”.

Part of NNA’s analysis is “the Vermont Secretary of State extends the emergency rules for remote notarizations for another 180 days but adds provisions allowing Vermont Notaries to perform remote notarizations on electronic records instead of just paper records. In addition, the emergency rules now authorize Notaries to perform in-person electronic notarial acts.”

I also read the rules straight from the state website (first link on the page):


I found the rules to be so convoluted that I’m not able to figure out what I’m allowed to do. I also saw some things in the law I didn’t like, such as:

“A notary public authorized to perform electronic notarial acts shall use the same electronic signature and electronic official stamp, if using, for all electronic notarial acts.”

Um, what does “same” mean? What does “all” mean; one meeting with a client, one commission term, my entire notary career?

I suggest Vermont notaries go over this with a fine tooth comb, because the permanent rules might end up looking a lot like these unsatisfactory emergency rules.