Experience with National Loan Closings out of Iowa

I’ve only worked for them once. I was told I would get paid at the end of January. They use an answering service and it is hard to get a response. So the first job, I couldn’t get a hold of anyone and it was time to leave for the signing and no docs! So I called my client and he told be that it had been changed to 6 hours later. So the next phone call, I actually got someone to talk to who confirmed that the time had been changed and was all apologetic and to ask for her the next time.

Jump forward to this week. Got a request to do another job and I accepted. Confirming with the client but it was off a day. Should have been today (not Thursday). 2 unreturned phone calls and 2 emails later, I demanded to talk to someone which I was able to do and the day issue was resolved immediately.(my “contact” from prior was not available)

Then my client calls and wants to move the time up by an hour to hour and a half. Told him to call his loan officer and I would try to call NLC. First person was incredibly rude and refused to get me a real person and took my info to have someone call me back. I waited 10 min. and fortunately, got a different call center person who patched me through to scheduling. Of course, by then I need to vent. Told him my story and what I got in return was an excuse that they were too busy to answer phones, and if no one returned a call it was because they hadn’t had a response from the lender/title co. and he didn’t have time to deal with me.

My appointment is in 15 minutes. I have never heard from anyone nor do I have docs. I did call my client who informed me that his loan officer had said it would probably be postponed until next week so I am not totally surprised.

Whew. That felt good to get off my chest. I have decided not to work for NLC again but hopefully keep them on their good side until I get my check. Has anyone else had problems with NLC?

Three times. Incorrect information, incomplete package, impossible to reach, very slow pay. No more, thanks.