Experience with notarize.com?

Has anybody experience with notarize.com? I have heard a lot of different opinions… I have already done about a dozen of RONs on DocVerify and start to feel comfortable doing it, I have to say that DocVerify seems to have a lot of issues though. There is hardly any support, the elements placed on the document are (due to the encryption, i guess) shifted in the finalized doc - sometimes by quite a bit, a lot of clients have huge issues identifying themselves, the video often does not work or cuts out with no apparent reason (camera and internet connection of the client is good), DocVerify links that are sent out to clients don’t work, etc.

If somebody has worked or is working with them, how is it?
Are you getting trained on their platform?
Is there a support if your client experiences technical issues during the notarization?
Can you opt to only do GNW? (I am a Signing Agent but focus on GNW)
How is the software they are using?

Thanks in advance!

Read something on a recent NNA Bulletin that Notarize.com was hiring employee-notaries. I don’t think they also allow their platform to be used by ICs.

Not a good experience so far. Just like you said connect issues, tag placement issues, confusion because no training other than emailing support and reading on line, title also no help

Unfortunately I jumped the gun and signed up and payed. Watched the a Zoom video to get more information. I did not realize that you paying to work for them to e+notarize with me minimal pay per notarization. In 6 weeks I have tried calling but have found no phone number on their website. I emailed numerous times and received no answer. I am in Texas and never got passed notarizing a required document for the State to get approved for e-notarization. Frustrating and almost feel I have been ripped off.