Expired driver license

I have a title company that is insisting that I can accept a social security card as identification for a borrower. The borrower is currently in a nursing home/ hospital and only has a driver’s license that expired in February 2021.

Her grand daughter who is the co borrower was unable to produce any other identification. So I advised the title company that I cannot notarized the loan documents. The loan processor contacted me and advised me that I can use creditable witnesses or her social security card . I then advised the title company that the creditable witness would have to be personally known by me and that social security cards are not used as identification for notarizing oaths or acknowledgements.

The loan processor then sent me an email from someone at Pennsylvania Association of Notaries, stating that a social security card is valid ID. Has anyone used a social security card as government issued ID to notarize docs such as mortgages ?

SS card not acceptable ID in Florida…where are you located? I realize they called PAN…where are you?