Expired Driver's Licenses

A lot has been written about expired California DLs, one person mentioned that: The Governor has the final say on when a notary may use an expired driver’s license, not the DMV. In California the DMV has longer limits than what the Governor has authorized. A quick call to the LA SOS confirmed that the Governor has the final say in this matter. In California it is normally valid for 5 years from the ISSUE date, most DLs are for 5 years.

In Colorado we can use drivers license for up to 12 months expired

In Ohio there is no extension that I could find from the Ohio BMV website.

In CA, our DL’s were only good for 4 years when they made the regulation that would could use it if it was expired and issued within the last 5 years. Then they changed how long they were good for to 5 years. So now, the only way (sans COVID) we can use an expired CA DL is if they person physically lost it and had to have an new one issued. The new one will have the new issue date but the old expiration date.

With COVID, unfortunately, the SOS has not updated the use of expired CA DL’s. According to their website, we can only use them if the have expired within the last 60 days.