Expnotary (a360inc)

I was advised to register for Expnotary (a360inc) because they are supposedly a good source of experience for new LSA. I am just not getting any luck with them. I haven’t found a way to get notifications about work. You basically have to look at the site (pc or phone) every 5 seconds. Unlike CXChoice which is first come first get, they do a bidding system. I have bid high, low, exact, and almost to the point its free, and I still don’t get a call.

Has anyone had any luck with them?

cxchoice will never pay over $75 unless if you drive 100+ miles they might add an extra $10

I’ve noticed. Unless I am just sitting at my laptop (like I am doing now) I doubt I’ll even get the chance to accept an assignment. I lucked up one (my first signing) only because I think the first person that accepted it…declined.

Actually they will pay more than $75 if your in the right market and their desperate. But it is far and few between;)

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Know anything about Expnotary(a360inc)?

If memory serves me correctly, I think I’m signed up with them through notary resume. I’ve never received a notification or signing from them. So I’m unsure if I’m even signed up with them :woman_shrugging:t5:

I think their there own site. I bookmarked the site on my phones and laptop. They are always posting about Loan Mods. I just have not luck with getting an assignment I bid on.
Well if it helps, their support is not that supportive. I read other forum entries where agents are “constantly” receiving email or text notifications from them. I haven’t got anything except a pop up saying I have something in my inbox.
I emailed their support, but I doubt that would be very helpful. When you call the prompt tells you to email them. I dont even know when they stop sending offers or if they send them on weekends.

I used to do lots of work with them before they got bought by a360. I mean I would do 10 to 20 a month. Since then, they seem to offer loan modifications for $40. Back in the day they used to give refinances, purchase or sales for $75-$100.
I occasionally am able to do a refinance or a close loan mod. But I rarely do any work with him. Maybe one a month.

I have not ever received a signing from them and signed up a long time ago. Until now i forgot they existed. So you have to have their website open all the time to get signings?

Compared to Cxchoice where it is first come first get, I got a little comfort knowing " I’ll just keep bidding lower than the asking amount" thinking I would get an assignment…AT FIRST

So, I spoke with a couple of reps there. No one can explain to me why I don’t receive notifications; this is why I had to sit at my laptop or keep refreshing my phone.
I was told that if you do 5 signings with them, then you can accept then assign an offer to yourself like (first come fir get). If you haven’t done 5, you have to bid on it. Problem is that the same assignments are offered to everyone. So while I bid on it, another can just take the assignment. And…even if I bid less than the offer amount, the person who can just take it will get it for the asking amount. So for me who can’t get an assignment, I am kinda wasting my time with them. There are probably a thousand notaries in the Houston area that can just hurry and get them.

Is there anyone who works with them currently? Penny for your thoughts