Express Notary are they still not paying there Notaries?

Express Notary are they still not paying there Notaries??

I don’t do much with them any more… they do pay in around 45 days, but waiting that long for payment these days is ridiculous.

I have done about 6 signings for tjem since I signed up with them on April 3rd. I have just got paid for the first 2 signings, about 50 days later after repeated invoicing. They are always nice to me, though and they do give me a higher fee if I request. Except one signing, I had to make a second visit to the client because Notary Express forgot to add a document in the package. They said they would pay me an extra $75 for the inconvenience. I did not get the additional pay. Probably because I did not get it in writing. I may not want to accept signings from them in the future. Most companies pay within 30 days. 60 days is rediculous.

I do quite a bit of work with Express Notary signing services. I’ve only had to send them a reminder invoice once. They usually pay quickly.
I will say that lately, they have been quick to blame me for something they, the client or the signer did, though. I had a signing for a guy who is in Illinois on business. His wife is at their home in Colorado. The instructions said he was the ONLY signer. After printing the package, I see the wife’s name. I ask Express Notary about it and they tell me only the husband is signing. I complete the signing and ship the documents on July 7th. Express Notary emails me saying that I didn’t have the wife sign and they will have to deduct from my fee. I remind them of the instructions that only the husband is signing because he’s the only one in Illinois. All of a sudden its no problem. Goofy.

I have completed 14 signings with Express and they have been reliable and have paid well within their payment window. I enjoy working with them. As far as Signature - I simply counter them on their assignment fee of $90 and I am successful about 50% of the time… I average about $135 per signing.

I do have a question with regard to NotaryGo… Who in the world is working with these people… They really pay poorly and their lastest scam is interesting but confusing… They offer a weekly pay? How does that work? If someone could shed some light on this that would be helpful.

I havent got a clue. I don’t work for them. I have gotten many texts from them. They are the worst lowballers I have ever seen. Nothing over $40. I call them “NotaryGo Away” LOL.

I have been paid for every single one of my signings with them. Zero Problems.