FASS is going onto Snapdocs

There goes the neighborhood!

Interesting. I tried signing up with them but they weren’t accepting Notaries with less than 2 years experience.

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This is not good news. I am very upset they are doing this. They have been the best around for a long time and now they are joining with snap docs. I agree…there goes the neighborhood. I emailed them about how this will be a bad move, maybe more notaries need to express their feelings and they will change their mind.

I was just about to post this. With snapdocs, I only get signings in a limited area. With FASS I get them all over my county. This is a bad move. I plan on calling them myself.

Well, the bottom line is going to suffer. After SD takes its 10 to 15 percent off the top of our rate, plus the 10 day delay in receiving payment, plus the MASSIVE surge from NSAs who have never before had access to FASS orders because of FASS’s high standards… Well. Hm. Cattle call? Anyone out there want to say “moo” with me?

I used to be proud of that White Glove status.

I was white Glove for them for 9 years, then when they stopped calling you to take orders and would only email you, it was harder and harder to get the siginings. Now I havent done a signing for them in 2 years, and with snapdocs it will be impossible, such a sham!!!

I am very concerned as well. It is so tough for me to get Signings on snapdocs. I get a lot of Signings from FASS in my area with my white glove status. It’s been a great account for me.

Yep !! I was sad to read that, FASS was better then fresh bread, I sent them a email for more info about exactly what will change, was told that the pay process was to change to vendor pay! vendor pay once a mo. from my experince, I call back this morning, and was told we would get the signing the same way, we see.

I am disappointed they are going to Snapdocs. I am signed up with FASS and Snapdocs. I have completed a few for Snapdocs but it is always takes so long to be paid. Snapdocs is NOT a step up for them and I am a little worried. How we have been paid so quickly from FASS …it is all down hill from here.
I am not White Glove Status. I signed up with FASS in January, 2018. The market has not been busy enough for me to log 10 for FASS within 90 days and I refuse to take the $50.00 closings 50 miles away so I may never achieve it… I was upset that I would be unable to achieve White Glove but, now that they are hooking up with Snapdocs…maybe its for the best.

Totally agree! I’m not a huge fan of SnapDocs, but I will never again waste my time with FASS!

Per their announcement, they’re only using Snapdocs with one of their lenders. Not sure which one as they didn’t specifically say. They are still sending orders via the FASS system (email/texts) - I even received a FASS call today asking about a signing. You also should note that not all First American Title companies use that service. I have one of the title offices that calls/emails directly. Another office uses an assignment agency but, I’m the preferred Notary so I get first dibs if I’m available. Could be a marketing opportunity for those that have their offices in their area…?

I talked to FASS today and was told Ditech is the lender testing on snapdocs but just a few. I called because I usually get a signing a day but haven’t since Monday. I am white glove as well. They said I show top on list to call and they are just little slow here in ABQ are right now. Rep laughed with me when I told her we are all paranoid about Snapdocs. She said they have gotten a lot of concerns from signing agents regarding snapdocs.

Hello white glove FASS agents… have you seen any signing notifications come in on snapdocs for ditech?

I did business with them for years… However, finally I stopped because I got tired of having to call “customer service” to unlock my site. This was especially irritating when I wanted to log in with my Iphone to show signing complete - and - OOPS - “You are locked out - please call customer service”… So irritating… Or - you logged in that morning - and you go back in - and “pop” - your password has expired, and you just changed it 2 weeks ago. I loved working with them, but it was too much of hassle.