FASS not hiring?

Anyone else get a response like this from FASS: We do not have you as an active vendor at this time. I saw that you have filled out our online enrollment, but at this time we are not hiring. Please check back in again in 6months and we will let you know at that time if we are. Thank you.

No, but it might be a good policy as limiting the volume of notaries in their database might mean that they are trying to provide more business to their currently active vendors instead of attempting a ‘how low will you go’ approach.
On the other hand, they are already known to be quite cheap… Or they simply have more than enough people to meet a decreasing market, which is the more likely reason.

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FASS is not an Employer for notaries, they are a vendor, You as a notary, are a contractor, that’s why they mail the notary a 1099 at the end of the year.
To be on FASS White Glove team, they have to send you an email invite. I’m on FASS White Glove with over 1100+ notaries completed with them alone.
You can sign up for just regular FASS (not now), but getting orders will very hard, because orders are picked up in a matter of 2-5 seconds. The regular FASS notaries only get an email alert, the 5 sec. is up by the time you got the email from them.
When business picks up, re-apply. Good luck.

You have completed 1,100 plus SIGNINGS for FASS. Perhaps you have completed 1,100 NOTARIAL ACTS for FASS. But you have not completed NOTARIES for FASS.

We professionals at least should correctly name our actions, even if no one else does.

A few new NSAs have posted that response, as well as similar responses from several larger signing firms.