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I am with T-Mobile and every time I get a text notification for assignment from FASS texting, the hyperlink is not connected so I have to literally go on to Safari and either type or copy the entire link onto the address bar. It then takes me to log in to my account with them and, once I do, it notifies me that someone else has already accepted the assignment. I am wondering if the problem is TMobile or an iPhone issue. I contacted FASS and they are aware of the problem, but there is nothing they can do. If any one else is accepting assignments directly from their text, please let me know if you are with a different phone carrier. I have no problem changing phone companies. I have missed 6 assignments from them so far.

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Reach out to Cricket wireless I have been with that company for several years.

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I have T-mobile on one of my phones…same issue.

I have contacted them SEVERAL times and no response.

Sorry to hear that have you tried going to one of their locations to port you phone

AT&T, no problems at all…

I have not gone to their location. But I will today. Otherwise I will change services. I hate TMobile anyway.

Good to know. Thank you.

I have the same problem with Sprint.

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I have the same problem, so frustrating! I’m with AT&T and have a Galaxy S7. It doesn’t seem to be a particular company or phone, just hit or miss. I’m always a miss.

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It’s not just an AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile problem. I have the same issue with Verizon on my iPhone. Today already I have had 5 text msgs that I could not access the hyperlink to receive the signing information for. I do believe that the SS that are sending those text msgs are not sending them in the correct SMS form. Most of them are low ballers anyway so you probably are not missing anything of significance. But you never know when one of those texts could be a viable job so the issue is concerning. I wish I knew a way to solve it.

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I have the same problem and I have an iphone. I have to go back out of the text and reread in order to get the link. It is irritating and I have Verizon.

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Thank you for every one’s replies, some how or someway there is something missing that does not allow us to just click on the link. Maybe its just a FASS technical problem and they will need to actually care about it in order to fix it. I think if we all complain about it, they will notice us.

I have TMobile and IPhone and had the same problem
But I found a solution. I open the text, and click on Dropbox, save in a folder in Dropbox. Then I can click on the link. It takes me to FASS website, It auto populates my username and PW, I login and respond. It’s not as quick but it works. Once you get the hang of it it’s not too slow.

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I really am glad to know that it’s not just me. I have an iPhone with T-Mobile but read an email from them when they first started this texting service that many were having the same problem.

I am still to this day missing so many assignments and am so frustrated. I have to copy and paste but by the time I copy precisely then paste it to a browser, assignment has been taken.

I have the same problem with verizon and Galaxy.

Perodically go into FASS, click on your profile, and activate your cell number again. It helps.

Nina, I am literally just seeing your reply.and just downloaded the Dropbox app then did exactly as you stated. Worked perfectly. Thanks soooo much!

I have been having those issues with them as well. The text comes in and I try responding right away and it is always taken. I have not been with them that long and have not completed many for them but no complaints or bad marks either… I thought that I read that once you have completed a certain amount of closings in a certain period of time with no mistakes or complaints you move up and can choose to take a closing before it goes out. I wonder if that is what is happening.
I don’t take many from them because they typically are low paying to drive far with fax backs.

I have a off brand phone service . It isn’t an option in the drop-down of phonw service option. I can’t even sign up for their text option.

Best Practice is stay logged in to FASS website. If you see a text messsge pop, jump to the app and look at Inbox.