Favored Panel job request

Good Tuesday!

Has anyone recently worked for Favored Panel? I received a request from David Hauser for an assignment in my area.

Do not go near anything that has to do with David Hauser. He uses notaries using different company names to get work done then he will not pay. He has contracts with different companies subcontract the work to the notary and keeps the money. I was over whelmed with my work load and asked a friend to take his account for me; she did several jobs he did not pay her, and would not return the calls or emails. I could not find any positive information on the internet regarding him or his companies; I had to pay her for the work. Words to the wise, any company you are not familiar with research them, especially inspections. Society of field inspection (SOIF) has a list of companies that you can register to work for if you would like to do that type of work.


Thank you for the SOIF tip.