Favorite Scanners 2023

As equipment out dates or no longer works, I am looking for advice on your favorite scanners. I have one I used from an old photo printer but it is becoming less reliable and more difficult to use. I personally prefer a scanner that is fast and can scan a large paper stack with one load. My mobile scanner is okay for small packages on the go but I am thinking of investing in a separate scanner. I currently use a brother printer for everything so I am looking for a scanner only.

I bought an Epson ES 500w II. Holds about 40-50 sheets per scan cycle, writes to PDF, scans both sides simultaneously, easy to use, and is wireless. So far I’ve run a couple thousand sheets through it in the past 12 months.

Depends on the amount of money you want to spend. I purchased a Xerox Versalink B405 as it is a high speed printer and scanner. For my largest client, I was completing 20 to 40 refinances a week during the boom and 100% scanbacks was required, so this multi function printer, scanner, etc. was a life saver. Also, Brother has some very good multi function printer/scanners.

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Do you keep it in the car?

It’s not configured for mobile scanning. If you want to do mobile scanning you’ll need to look for a scanner specifically for that purpose. Keep in mind many office equipment devices can be power hogs. This may require adding additional wiring, getting a heavier duty battery or second battery, and a higher output Alternator.

As a side note the concept of a mobile office has be tried by many. Most cars and pickup trucks can be impractical due to space limitations. A mini van would give you more room. Keep in mind keeping expensive office equipment in your vehicle be make it a tempting target for burglars.

I heard that Raven Scanner is very nice. It’s pricey, but I hear a lot of notaries love it!