FB Business Page

My latest project this weekend has been to create a FB business page.

I’m curious to see if anyone here has found it worthwhile. How often must you create posts in order to attract people? And how do you find people to bring them to your page? I’m really wondering if the work involved is worth my time. Thank you.

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I tried it about a year ago and got nuthin’. If you’ve got the time, it’s probably worth some effort. Yelp has worked better for me and I use the free version.


I’ve gotten nothing on my FB notary business page. I get more hits on my google business page. Google ranking require configuring SEO on your webpage. Google SEO algorithms are a constantly moving target.

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Thanks. It does seem like a worthless task and it’s also very time consuming to set it up. I already did it but I can’t imagine how that would help. I guess I should put some effort into Yelp and Nextdoor.

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You might want to look at Thumb Tack as well.

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I just set mine up, but I can’t even fathom what the point of posting would be. People don’t whimsically decide to get notary service like getting a manicure, if only they’d been reminded! LOL. The only thing I thought might be helpful is the reviews section, which I created a QR code for to put on my business cards and then people could look me up when they DO need me. Are y’all saying Yelp and Google Business are the preferred places for these? If so, I’ll adjust my Reviews QR code! Thank you!

Be very careful with Yelp. If someone posts a negative review you’ve no way to address their comments. Google Business pages are ok if you have a website that’s been SEO’d by an expert. Not every one claims SEO expertise has that expertise. Buyer Beware.