FED EX or UPS Store for scanbacks vs. purchasing scanner

I am new to the business. FED EX Office quoted me 65 cents a page to scan to a flash-drive. I have a dual-tray laser but it’s not an all-in-one. Looking at purchasing a separate Brother scanner.

Apply for a store purchasing card at Office Depot. It will save you money on copying and scanning. It’s free

Three in one laser printers are relatively inexpensive. I find the cost to have Fed Ex or some such service FAX documents for you prohibitive. I actually did this once when I was new and it cost me everything I had made on the signing.

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It makes no sense to get scanning or faxing done at FedEx. The cost is ridiculous…not to mention the inconvenience involved. It makes total sense to get an all-in-one printer. This saves you from having multiple devices to take up desk space.

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Get the scanner. If you do not need a multifunction machine, I can recommend the Brother 1000ADW. ADF 20 pages, continual feed, lightweight, scans ID as well as paper. At around $100, it will easily pay for itself.

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Those places are crazy expensive.

If I am scanning only a few pages, I will use the Scannable app on my iPad.

For larger scans, when I can return to the office, I have a desktop Epson DS-510 that is really good.

If I am on the move and have to scan back a relatively large package, I will use a Brother DSmobile 620 scanner with my laptop. It’s a little slow but better to handle more that 40 pages when I am on the road.

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Temporarily, you might check out your local library. Mine has a very high speed scanner (scan to flash-drive) and, best of all, it’s FREE.

On another note, it’s interesting that a for-profit business like FedEx asks and gets 65 cents/page just for scanning.


I needed a new scanner. It was cheaper for me to buy another three-in-one device (Brother) than to buy a dedicated scanner.

On the scanner…I have purchased refurbished equipment from a guy I found on Craigslist in Houston, TX. He’s a retired tech guy and just makes some money selling items he refurbishes himself. You could try the craigslist in your area. I got a FANTASTIC scanner (Super fast), which was originally 1200$ for a little over $200.

It’s been my experience that refurbished items are usually ok. Everything I have purchased, I have really gotten my money out of them and then some.

I found that any office supply or shipping store costs too much to scan and to print out. It is crazy the prices they charge. Only once did I try to use something other than my own office equipment. Fedex scan prices are crazy! For I think 100 pages it would have cost me 2x the amount that I was being paid. Staples and ups are just about the same. After that one time rookie experience that I had, I went out and bought a portable brother scanner. I have only had to use it on the road a few times but worth the purchase. I have an all in one brother ink jet printer at home that I use for scanbacks and just a mono dual tray laser printer. Both take up a lot of room but that is ok. The brother is a good backup for printing if the laser printer quits. It is worth the investment to get an all in one laser printer or if you already have the printer then get a desktop scanner.

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No brainer, purchase a scanner.

Eeek. Perusing the Notary Cafe forum and came across this and I want to offer my 2 cents about protecting your client’s personal information AND protecting yourself.

NEW NOTARY SIGNING AGENTS: Please purchase any necessary printing/scanning equipment you require for your business. Do not be careless; do not take unnecessary risks. Do not use public equipment or public wifi to manage your client’s confidential information.

Perhaps laws and requirements are different state to state and/or for individual insurance carriers. Agreeing NOT to use public computers, public printers/scanners is part of the terms and conditions for my signing agent insurance in Washington state. (I use CNA / Western Surety Co.)

Notaries/signing agents out there who are currently using public equipment (such as what one would find at a FedEx, Office Depot, OfficeMax, hotel business center, public library, etc.,) for printing or scanning of their clients’ highly confidential documents risk PERSONAL LIABILITY if there is a claim made.

All notaries need to understand the laws of their state and the contract they have signed with their insurance carrier.
Cheers! ~Carmen

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