Fed Ex packing

I’m new I was wondering if anyone can guide me on fed ex envelopes.
Do we have to pay? Do you have to have an account with them?
Thank You

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You will need to setup and account with FEDEX. A credit card will need to be on file but you will not be charged for the free supplies you order. It is the same process for UPs too.


Thank You so much I appreciate your help.

I have never had to set up an account- the signing companies / title always include a shipping label. Fedex has also always freely given me a stack of envelopes and pouches for the label so I can just drop at their office rather than stand in line. I am not sure if that answers your question.


I’ll share this. As experiences I was with using FedEx in my prior work nothing compares to the useful information I received from a lady working at FedEx. She asked if I was a notary and offered me advice on best packs to use. You can also create your profile online and order free packs to your home. If you have time chat with someone at FedEx about their packs and best ones to use for 150 pages which include legal sized. You’ll want a few different ones for standard docs without too mane pages, some for bulk docs, so on. You’ll probably want to use their plastic sleeve to protect the label from damage. Sometimes not using the right pack can cost the client additional fees for the shipment (that is what the “FedEx lady” told me). You can schedule pick up for FedEx at your home.


I live in a rural area and don’t have a place to go and drop off at a fed ex store, so ordering supplies from the fed ex website is the best way for me. I can never count on the drop boxes having the supplies I need. The supplies that I ordered and found I used the most were:

Reusable Envelope (legal Size)
Small Pouch
Large Pak

Those are exactly what they are called on the fedex website. The small pouch is the clear label protector to hold the fed ex slip that the signing company will send you. It is so nice to have my own supply of these at home and not have to chase down a fedex driver to get more. I did the same for UPS too!


Yes it does thank you, I appreciate the advice.

Yesterday I stopped a Fedex driver and he was so helpful, he gave me some large envelopes. He also was very informative and friendly, thank you for responding.

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Good info. Sometimes the notary instructions direct the envelope to use. Some want the plastic, some want the cardboard, and some want the padded envelope. I default to plastic if there are no instructions. Mostcwantvthem to go-to fedex and not a contract shipper like Walgreens. One big, 306 (yep 306 pages on a reverse mortgage) I put in a box!!! One question though. In order for things to arrive in order, I usually use a binder clip. Anyone else on that?

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I use the sturdy packs instead of the boxes. The sturdy pack is legal size too. The regular letter envelopes for FedEx, I’ll use for only small set of paper. If you put too many it will be oversized in weight and could open upon arrival to title.

I rarely use binder clips but I will always send my documents in a menila file folder. I don’t use paper clips or any of that either.

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You can get the supplies from in store for free. I typically get 10 envelopes and label holders at a time. Much easier than ordering supplies online

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I’m with you. I am always given a label with a signing package if it is off island and not hand delivered. And fed ex is great and giving you supplies.

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This is good to know. I sent three packages using envelope size and they were stuffed! I’ll start using the sturdy packs! Thanks!

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I had the docs from a 15 page loan modification in a manila folder. The lady at FedEx said the tab on the folder made it too large, so I asked if I could borrow some scissors to cut it off. I figured docs often would get sent in manila folders, but maybe not.

Signing company provides label but not the shipping envelopes.

You can pick up envelopes from a location per shipment or setup an account (UPS too) and have the shipping envelopes shipped to you in larger quantities.

Getting an account set up makes it easier to just have bulk supplies shipped to your door. If I go to the hub here, they do give me supplies for free but they do not usually carry the ones I need.

I have never had to set up an account. I get my FedEx envelopes from them and they’re free.The shipping label should be in with your docs depending of the company you work for, you print the label along with your docs. It’s a prepaid label. My experience with FedEx was great. I arrived at the FedEx office with docs and shipping label and told them I needed help and they walked me through the process. Don’t forget to get a receipt, it has your tracking # on it. Check YouTube “loan signing” they have several great videos, I’m sure you’ll enjoy… Make sure you read the instructions that come with the documents. You’ll be fine.

Thank you for the good advice.

I pick supplies up whenever I’m dropping off packages. They are free. You can also set up an account to have them shipped to you.

I setup an UPS and FedEx account for free so that I can order free envelopes and pouches. I’ve set up so that I am shipped 150 envelopes a month. I like to have my packages ready to go beforehand. Some title companies perfer the documents to be sent in a plastic envelopes, especially for reverse mortgages but sometimes they are not available at the FedEx near.

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