Fed may lower rate 2023

Investors Bet Fed Will Need to Cut Interest Rates Next Year to Bolster the Economy

In rare wager, investors expect a quick U-turn on rates: more increases this year, then cuts next year as economy weakens. Maybe good new for us.

Today’s Walls Street Journal


In other news, 756 new notaries were certified today in order to keep up with heavy refinance activity in the California marketplace. The Rancho Mission Viejo signing service is expected to hire most of them.


That is a 1 step forward, 2 steps back move in my opinion. Hiking rates like that so people will think they are getting a good deal or they should take advantage of the decrease now before it goes up HIGHER again. Kind of like gas. But…like all things in this business, (or any other business for that matter), nothing is guaranteed so keep holding on.


I’m not sure about that. Nothing seems to be going in the direction that makes things easier or profitable for regular working people. Maybe things will ease up before the elections but knowing how bad things were in the 70’s we might be in this for a while. History tends to repeat itself.

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Congress is discussing raising personal and corporate income tax rates.

This business has truely shown me over the past twelve years that its not for the agent with the Half Glass Empty Mind Set. In this bisiness What Goes Around Comes Back Around. This business isn’t for the faint of heart. GOD BLESS!


That would be good news but I wouldn’t bet on it happening too soon. Inflation is quite a problem.