Feed back on Notaries 24-7

Hi, all. I accepted and completed a reverse mortgage (Ugh) app for Notaries 24-7 Inc. It was over 300 pages! On top of that, the applicants were in their 80’s & in very poor health. It took 3 hours to get through it all. Then the company sent me back out with more docs the lender forgot to include. My fee for this? $80! Though they promised to increase my fee to $125 they never did and I STILL have not been paid. Does anyone else have experience with sleazy Notaries 24-7?

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Hello and welcome. That totally stinks. I have not experienced that company. With this heads up, I won’t either.


Pay well when they have to. Usually about 45 days to pay. Get it in writing…always…no matter which co.

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Sorry you’re having this experience, LorrieK. :disappointed_relieved:

There is an extensive history of this company for very slow pay/No pay . . . Review all of the posts found at the following link to see the others who have had the same experience.


NOTE: A good habit to develop is performing a SEARCH on Notary Cafe prior to accepting a Signing Order with any business. See the Magnifying Glass above on the Tab Ribbon. :sparkles::white_check_mark:

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Yes, I have had a VERY negative experience with Notaries 24-7. Huge file, about 200 pages. $95. Have not been paid for an assignment from August 9. Their phone numbers are. bogus, meaning the prompts take you nowhere, you’re never connected to anyone/anything. I’ve emailed and called multiple times. I’m extremely disgusted and don’t know what else to do.


Typical, I got a text for a signing I called to get assigned. The assistant told me in order to be considered to work for them I had to have 100+ signings. However the fee was $70 or $75. My thought was you have 100+ signing requirement. But your fee didn’t match your criteria. Just my opinion.


Yikes. You got scammed big time. Even $125 wasn’t enough for that job. Know your worth and good luck to you.

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i agree with you know your worth

That is normal for reverse mortgages, which is why I don’t do them. Also, usually they will go up to $125 or $150 if you negotiate.

They do offer a lot of signing but they are very lowballers and take forever to pay. I told them please take me off their notary list.

Hi Lorrie,

It is not the Reverse Mortgage that is the culprit in doing RM work. It is the signing service that is the demon in your example. Yes, they are larger packages; normally a I see 185 to 220 pages.

If a RM job doesn’t pay $200+ the fee is to low.

Quiz the SS on what you will be doing. A very important question is ‘How many pages are there’. If SS/Title don’t know the page count then set a limit for the quoted fee. Perhaps, state my fee of $200 is for 185 or fewer pages.; above that the fee will need to increase.

In fact, asking for a page count on all assignments is a good idea.