Fees charged for services

What would you charge to complete 1 affidavit of no records, to be complete same day at 18 miles one way trip?

Whatever I need to cover expenses and make whatever I require for the time involved. Also be aware that these ‘1 doc’ deals usually pay a minimum of $50 if it was across the street AND ‘1 doc’ still could be many pages to print.

This has been bothering me…what is with bmcnotaryREpublic?

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BMC is my initials
notary is, well a notary.
And republic is, I’m republican.
Many many years ago when I created the email I tried to be different and creative.

Scenario: signer has affidavit, I will administer oath and fill out jurat. Signer will see to getting it sent wherever it goes. Singer pays with cash or business check on the spot. Signer will be ready to sign as soon as I arrive; no need for me to wait until the signer has a free moment.

Price: $15 for notarization + 36 miles @ $1 per mile = $51.

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Honestly, it looks like you don’t know the proper title of Notary Public…

I’ve been a notary and singing agent for 16 years. If you read further into why I chose republic then you would be so rude and judgmental.
BMC is my initials. Notary is because I am a notary. Republic is because I am republican.
16 years ago I chose to be different and stand out with my email. And it does exactly what I intended it to do. Be noticed.
And let me also mention, I get a lot of high paying signings, and the one thing that almost every company has said. ( I remembered you because of your email address being off.)
I make myself noticed and remembered. Its worked wonderfully for 16 years. And guess what, because you noticed me, you too will not forget me anytime soon.
Everyone needs to be unique and standout, not just because quality work, there are a lot of fantastic NSA out there. Get you name and email to standout from thousands of other notaries.
Works fantastically for me. And I make really good money.

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I remembered your earlier post explaining your user name. I receive assignments from signing services and title companies now and then through Notary Cafe; I’m not sure if they can see the userid I use in the forum or not. But just to be safe, I make sure my userid would not give a negative impression to someone who glances at it without knowing how it was chosen.