Fees for quantity of pages

What is your limit of pages before you as a signing agent start to raise your fee?
I had a client that was 75 pages for one copy, I also had to print a copy for the client.
They paid me $75 for it. Is this accepatable?

Do you have a fee schedule you follow ? If so please share it.

Notaries will be reluctant to share their price lists for a few reasons. One is that price fixing is illegal, so discussing price schedules online might be perceived as price fixing. Another reason is that different areas call for different pricing plans. In a rural area, the main factor might be driving long distances to the signer and again to the sparsely located UPS and FEDEX dropoff points. In an urban area the distances may be short but driving slow at rush hour, with lots of parking fees.

A good place to learn about pricing is the Service Corps of Retired Exectutives.

This is one of those “one size does NOT fit all” issues with many time & cost variables that only you can answer for your situation.
Most good companies figure “$25 print fee/2 copies assumed” but will pay more for a ‘larger’ pkg. But, ‘larger’ varies by co. and notary. There really isn’t a ‘fixed’ figure and I’ve seen a few posts where the notary wants more if over 100 or 125 or 150. My own personal ‘calculation’ comes down to $25/up to 125 pages (which loosely translates to $5/25 pages) so, anything over 125 pages is billed at $5/25 or part thereof additional. Note that it’s really a ‘range’ based upon lots of other things…like, if a regular client normally has a 130 pg. pkg,& few notarized docs, I’m OK with $25 print fee. BUT then the next co., who is not a regular AND that 130 pg. pkg includes 20 notarizations…well, it’s gonna be more than $25. Also the larger the pkg, the more time you’ll spend getting 'em all signed! That m/l how I figure it and I’m sure everyone has their own criteria. Ashton has made many very good points

To answer your actual question; No, I wouldn’t do that for $75 as that’s my ‘base fee’ for anything & excludes any printing/scanback/excess travel time/mileage. .

Thank you for the information. I have been looking for a website like that for awhile!