FHA loan remodification loan (Wells Fargo)

Is $30 worth a loan remodification ? I mean it’s right around the corner and Iam not sure if it’s 1 page . Also it would be my first so is there some things I need to look out for?

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It’s definitely NOT 1 page. Last one I did was 26 pages. It did require a full pkg. scanback. $110. You decide.

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I agree with Arichter!

The average page count is 21 pages, and we do not ask for full scan back, however a "tiny scan: of signature pages from the signing table of 3 pages is nice.
$110 I think is an amazing fee, and if you can get it… do them all day long

First American does not offer that, $110 for a refi with scan back yes.

Not a mod.
but as I said if you can get it… great


I’ve done a few of these. I usually ask for $50 (they will negotiate). They are very easy (approx 25-30 pages) and nothing for me to print as WF sends the doc package directly to the borrower along with a copy for the borrower. All I have to do is show up and notarize their signature(s) and drop the package using the prepaid envelope. I don’t even think I had to do a scanback although others here have said they did so perhaps I did as well.

Their usually $50. and no scanbacks. I only accept them if is very slow or as a filler and a close distance.

It’s foolish to accept anything less then $100. Wells Fargo is guaranteed a certain reimbursement rate that exceeds $200 and over $250 in certain metropolitan areas. These fees were mandated by Congress as part of the “bailout” 10 years ago. The Federal Government is paying you … not Wells Fargo. WF shops these deals around to the lowest bidder and pockets the rest! Best of luck to everyone! #makeprofits #dontbeapawn