Fidelity approved notary

How does one begin this process, I am having a hard time finding application and information on this?


Try through Banckerv. However, if you’ve been a notary for less than two years, it will be very unlikely that you get approved.

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I was approved and I have only been doing this for like 3 months. Don’t get discouraged. Honestly Coast 2 Coast signings helped me to be Fidelity approved. I have yet to see a difference in call volume though.


How did they help you, I have been doing it for over 2ys now and still not sure where to begin this process

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How did they helo you, I have worked with Coast 2 Coast

Agreed, I am also Fidelity Approved through a third party and have not see a difference in order volume.

@chasonpaper1 It normally happens when you accept an assignment that is through Fidelity. Once that happend you will be requirer you fill out some additional documents and you are done. When you have done this ad approve if you are using snapdocs uploaded it as other information.

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Some Title companies regularly use Fidelity and would like to have you on board as Fidelity approved when they have business with Fidelity. My problem with furnishing all of my information to Fidelity is that they state that they can pass your information on to third parties (and then do the unknown third parties also get to pass along your information to other third parties?). For this reason I do not want to be Fidelity approved. Too much floating of my personal information.

Fidelity will only accept the background check through the NNA or through Sterling in order to be an approved notary. If you want to go through Sterling, you need to be referred by either a signing service or title company. You cannot apply by yourself.

is it bancserve?? I tried to apply and they stated they want accept anymore notaries until November.

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@debracoxnsa Yeah, I tried to sign up with them as well. It looks like its either April or May.

I know this post is old but I received an assignment where I have to get Fidelity approval.
What will it give me? What does it do???

I just received a signing that required I be FNF approved. I am not, so I did not get the assignment. I do not know if NM does this since we are not RON yet.

This has nothing to do with RON or NM - it’s being approved by a title company (Fidelity) to close their loans In order to gain that status you need to be sponsored by a signing service (for which you’ll be approved to close only for that signing service) or by an escrow officer (which will get you Fidelity approved across the board for all companies).


LindaH, :blush: Thank you so much for your rapid response!

Even if you are Fidelity approved. You are not allowed to mention it to the world that you are Fidelity approved. That is their policy. I had to delete, “Fidelity approved” from my profile in all portals.


Yep…can’t include it in your advertising.


Call Fidelity title or Chicago Title. They are the same company

I was approved this week by Bancserv and I’ve only been a nsa for a year, but a regularly notary for many years. Maybe because I’m rural. However when the list of their standard fees came up I was disappointed. Nothing even near $100. $65-85. Does anyone work thru them and are the fees negotiable? I never take so little, ever for anyone. The mileage would take away the profit.

That’s odd, I didn’t think Bancserv have gone low too. Wow, they all got on the bandwagon. :thinking: You would think they pay more for rural. Interesting.