Fidelity Is Getting Too Powerful - Be Careful

So did you know that agencies want to get you Fidelity approved and can do so without any instruction or understanding in how to get you Fidelity approved that it ruins your chances for an entire year? So some agency did a rush approval for an emergency signing with Fidelity. After I signed the person, and the signing was an absolute nightmare for a $1.5 million corporate purchase without a valid ID, having to do two witnesses in the middle of a renovation site with dust everywhere, I hadn’t heard anything so I thought I was approved.

Turns out the signing agency didn’t follow up to let me know if I was approved and I apparently had to apply again because it had been a “rush” application. Another agency also wanted me to get Fidelity approved and I refused to fill out any of its documents just sending the package from 3 weeks ago. Fidelity denied approval I paid $55 for Sterling’s background check and may not get paid for the nightmare signing either. This is evil what Fidelity’s doing to notaries out here. It truly is. We go through enough becoming commissioned, going through endless background checks to put up with this garbage of some monstrous title company’s demands.

When you don’t get approved this damages your services in view of the signing agency in my opinion. They made it sound it’s easy to get approved, no big deal. No it’s not!

What state are you in? I’ve been Fidelity approved by several Notary Contractors and they use my background check from National Notary Assoc. so no additional fees for background check with application. Never had to reapply for Rush application. Who was your source for this application? I do keep a digital Fidelity approved file so at the beginning of each year when they request updated docs I have a paper trail. I opened my business 5 years ago and so far no headaches. When I know a Fidelity approved Notary is necessary, slight increase in my fees because they are hard to find in my neck of the woods.

So how did you find out that you were not approved? I applied through two different signing companies earlier this summer and have heard nothing back even after sending follow-up emails. Is there a way to find out if you are on Fidelity’s list?

HI Alice. As a new agent there is so much to learn that I think many of us get frustrated. We want our business to succeed and jump through all the necessary hoops to get there. I was assigned to a close last night and when I asked about the Fidelity Approval, I was told they would send the contract agreement (as it is a sub-contracted closing). I still haven’t received the documents nor the contract. How would you recommend new agents go about preparing for Fidelity approval?

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Honestly I have been Fidelity approved by many notary contractors and they all have their different processing scenario’s. Some contractors state they require Fidelity approved Notary. Some contractors will get you Fidelity approved and then offer lowball rates. Counter offer and if they don’t accept move on. Without knowing your location not sure if many notaries in your area. Not enough notaries in Kitsap County WA so I can negotiate in my favor. Not being Fidelity approved is not end of the world. With time things work out.

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Wow you are in Kitsap? We lived in Poulsbo from 2003 until 2019. We moved to Puyallup during the “SnowMageddon” and then relocated to Texas in November. My 3 oldest graduated from NK and all of my family are still up there. (albeit laughing just a little that I brought the WA winter with me to TX).

I simply asked if I was approved at this address.

Hi, Alice! Been a while…

Last fall Fidelity put out a letter stating that they would no longer send out individual approval emails - that approvals could be requested via the approved-notary-nocal address.

Here in my part of Washington (King, Pierce, Thurston), I do regularly receive signings that require a Fidelity approved subcontractor notary.

Perhaps it is a regional thing.

Hi Judi ~ I also believe it is a regional thing. I’m in Kitsap County and not a lot of Fidelity approved notaries. At times I receive signing requests and comment is I must have Fidelity approved Notary for signing and you were on the list. OK whatever I’m on so many lists I forget without researching. Fidelity approved may become history in the future. Requirements keep changing. Fidelity is so huge I’m sure they don’t keep up with all processes put into place. :slight_smile: