Field Choice REFI fees

Hello All

I just accepted a signing for $110 for Field Choice. This month has been very slow for me. I asked if they could go higher to $125 and what has changed, as that has been my fee several times with them in the past . They told me that someone they worked with has put a hold on all of their fees within the last month that are above $110 and if they didnt comply that they would be totally cut off.

Has anyone heard anything like this happening? I noticed in the past few months that the fees seem to be getting lower and lower with each signing service and there is barely any room to negotiate now.

I had a closing that was supposed to happen last week for $110 and it was cancelled. No biggie… But today I negotiated for $125. I got the email saying I was assigned to the job then not 2 minutes later I received an email and it said the job was canceled! Not sure what is going on with Field Choice? Was it the fees? Was it the Borrowers? Just kind of weird to me.

Hi. I’m not sure either. They are one of the first signing services I used since I started in January and were reliable. I was waiting to hear back from them to approve a fee for a signing today from couple of days ago. Maybe something is going on we dont know about

Yeah, I used to get higher fees with them but they said something about them not being allowed to enter a fee over a certain amount, like $100 for most of their signings. I’ve gotten to where I will go ahead w/them because in most cases, it seems when something comes up in my area, last minute, i’m one of the first called.

Yeah same with me. I use them often and they call me but I wish their fees were like it was in the beginning. That’s why I’m looking for something else workwise.

Whoa. As an INDEPENDENT contractor, we, not they, set our fees. Don’t believe the b.s.

Yes, I know we do. It’s just frustrating that they don’t seem open in negotiating and then they “ghost” when they’ve found someone to do the same work cheaper. They were one ss of two that called me directly after working with them for months.