Finance loan Signing

I received a request from a home buyer who needed 4 docs notarized. I asked various questions & it’s a financial loan closing packet. I told the signer I couldn’t just notarizing 4 documents & not witness the whole Loan packet signing. Am I wrong? I think he was trying to save money by asking me to notarize 4 signatures & not witness for whole packet. Should I have asked for the lender information too? 1st time this has happened & seemed odd.

You can do this as a general notary order. Charge for each document and your standard trip fee. You won’t be responsible for the documents which will be retained by the signers. I don’t know why you feel you could not do this as long as you offer no advice on the package.


There are a few random lenders who send the package to the borrower & tell them to find a notary. This is really just m/l GNW so, no, you do not have to ‘present the whole pkg’ cuz you sure as heck won’t get paid for the extra time/labor, nor are you responsibil for that.


Thank you for the quick response! :sweat_smile:

Sign Away you’re not responsible for Content of Doc just ID and Signature of Signer


The lender or title just sent the docs to the customer directly. All you are obligated to due is notarize the 4 docs, not walk them through the loan package, since you were not hired by the title company. Tell them your fee is $125 Good luck

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They want me to notarize a loan packet, I’m charging loan fees. Regardless if the title company contacted me or not. My fees for loan docs are set.

I often get requests that only want me to notarize the documents that need it. If it is the homeowner calling, I give them the option of my full service or just to notarize the 4 documents and price each service accordingly. Money if often tight for the borrower so I am not offended if they only want the motorization services.