Finding work as a signing agent

how can i find work as a signing agent?

I’m sure everyone on this site is wondering the same thing as you. I, too, would be interested in hearing where a highly trained loan signing agent is finding good-paying assignments.

@mrnotary357 Welcome to the Notary Cafe forums! How long have you been a business owner in this business sector?

If you’re new, you’ll be able to locate information that will be of great assistance to you within the following threads:


Here is an image to help you locate the nearly invisible Magnifying Glass to access the GOLDMINE of data.

This GOLDMINE is located within the database in Notary Cafe forums that is already present. Members have repeatedly answered this ONGOING & PERPLEXING question repeatedly over the course of many years. You can Research the keywords “finding work,” as well as many other keywords to gather helpful data.


Also, please keep in mind that you’re asking a group of fellow Business Owners to tell you about their client base. Usually, this is considered proprietary data that most business owners protect (understandably) with a red in tooth & claw mentality . . .


Agree with Joe. Too many notaries in a dead market due to high interest rates leads to newbs taking $80 signings and thinking they’re making money.

@mrnotary357 P.S. Here is one additional thread that you’ll find helpful in your determination of whether to continue (or not):