First Amercan FASS Notary

I tried applying for a Signing Agent position with First American.

However, the language they use is that I would sign up for a Notary Position.

Frankly, their fees are in the $ 50 to $ 25 range, which leads me to believe that this is for a Notary position and not a Signing Agent position.

Any FASS Agents out there who can give me insight into this?

I dealt with them several years ago, but their methods became too much hassle for me to bother with, considering the low fees. I’ve read now and then about the fees getting lower and lower.

I wouldn’t consider being on a signing service’s call list a “position”. The word “position” is typically used for a job, not being on-call for freelance assignments (a.k.a. gigs). It’s important to make this distinction, because one or two of the companies that do remote online notarization (RON) are actually hiring employees to do these notarizations.

In my experience, signing services are mainly about real estate signings, and expect all the notaries on their list to be able to do real estate signings. Once in a while they might offer an assignment for some big outfit that needs an agreement for a class-action lawsuit notarized, or maybe a debt settlement agreement (avoid debt settlement agreements). But I have never been called by a signing service for the typical general notary work.

By typical general notary work, I mean things like notarizing a permission letter so one parent can take a child to another country without the other parent, administering an oath of office, applying for 9/11 Ground Zero medical benefits, or any of the other stuff where ordinary neighbors find themselves with something that needs to be notarized so they contact a local notary.

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First American has changed in so many ways since I first began with them.

I had “white glove” status, which means you get first dibs on any order that comes through. They took away my status because I didn’t receive many orders from them so they couldn’t do a “quality check” :woozy_face:

Then when they would actually call me with an assignment, they would offer me a lowball fee. Since I rejected their fee, they say that they’ll call around to see who can do it cheaper.

I’m really over these signing services. You put up with their crap then you have to chase them for payment. Not worth it.


A signing agent is supposed to understand real estate documents and loan documents
RON FEES are less since u dont leave ur home
The industry is extremely slow now
Decide if its a way to make a living…

I have done over 200 signings with First American (FASS).
My experience is they pay $90-$125.00, for refinance (usually 90-120 pages) and $60.00 for Loan Modification (usually 25 pages or less). The packets are small, always in the same order and super easy. They pay weekly, I love them!!!

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