First American is the latest cybersecurity attack victim

The incident follows recent breaches at Fidelity National Financial and Mr. Cooper Group.

First American Financial Corporation was hit by a cyberattack on Wednesday, the company confirmed Thursday, forcing the company to take certain systems offline.

The incident follows similar breaches at Fidelity National Financial (FNF), the mortgage and real estate industries’ largest underwriter of title insurance, on Nov. 19, and Mr. Cooper Group, one of the nation’s largest mortgage servicers, on Halloween. While FNF has remained quiet about the extent of the breach, lawsuits filed against Mr. Cooper Group indicate the data of nearly 15 million customers were exposed.

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Oh no, not again. What in the world is going on you guys? I have a scheduled signing with them this weekend. Now what???

@jennjoneis (I know you already know to do this . . .) However, since you asked: :blush:

  1. Reach out to your direct contact at FASS.
  2. Ask them about their current Plan of Action [POA].
  3. Based upon the data provided within that response, reach out to the signers and make the necessary/appropriate schedule modifications.
  4. Keep in mind that FASS may have already alerted the signers to a possible schedule shift.


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Thanks cNsa5 that’s what I’ll do :slight_smile:

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I was emailed docs directly from the lender yesteday

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Thanks. I just looked through my email and saw a package as well. phew.

Oh Wow – This is a trip as I had read it in relation to my other line of work (cybersecurity) in a newsletter I get. So I thought I was changing gears and go to my Notary stuff and here it is again! lol – didn’t really think about the overlap – gonna have to think about how to tie the two together or at least compliment

That is one serious data breach

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