First American Mortgage Solutions

Anyone familiar with First American Mortgage Solutions? Any thoughts on how they are?

First American Mortgage Solutions is the parent company of FASS, First American Signing Solutions. You can track it on the First American Mortgage website. I actually like FASS, they pay reasonably well as long as you negotiate with them (I never take their first offer), and they pay very fast (within 2 business days if you have direct deposit).

Hello. I’m trying to obtain more business… how do I get on there signing list?? I’m in CA… by the way… :)wink:

Ask for a vendor package. 888-270-3630. It’s not easy to get into their system, and it’s tougher to maintain standing to get regular assignments. They pay fair rates, you can negotiate for additional as needed (long trips, dual package, etc.) but only prior to the assignment. You can be paid by direct deposit, and are usually paid within 7 days for work completed the preceding week - incredibly rare in today’s market. However, if you make mistakes - any mistakes - they will let you know immediately. If your error ratio falls below what they find acceptable, if you do not respond to requests regularly, if you fail to respond to exceptions, if you fail to meet the time requirements for fax backs and closing… you will not remain active in their system. All that said, I am delighted to work for them anytime. You always know where you stand with FASS.

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Thank you so much for your help… will contact then in the AM…