First Class Signing Services or NO CLASS Signing services?

I’ve worked first class with a lot without issues.l and good payment. However as long as there are notaries willing to accept the low ball signings, this will continue. Not sure how these notaries make any money but even in my rural area there is a new notary taking these. I won’t.

Actually First Class Signing is my most dependable signing agency. They always pay faster than the others. They contact me by phone and text for assignments. I don’t always accept because I don’t accept anything below $100 and sometimes will counter their offer. But to me, without them, I wouldn’t make the income that I do. They supply me with about 50% of my signings.

Since they wanted to jack with your money…I would have told the file had gotten lost. They would have to send someone else there.

Yeah I can vouch for this. If you take a signing they never leave you alone. Constant emails, hand holding and “remember…” “friendly reminder…” etc, etc, annoying and insulting at a certain point for notaries who’ve been in the game for a long time. If they paid what they used to I’d say it’s MAYBE worth the annoyance, but in no way shape or form is it now.

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